Kemayoran is a subdistrict of Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. Kemayoran is roughly bounded by Landas Pacu Barat and Landas Pacu Timur road to the north, Letjend Suprapto Road to the south, and a canal along the Sunter Raya road to the northeast, the northern part lies on the Subdistrict of Pademangan, North Jakarta while the southern part lies on the Subdistrict of Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Kemayoran is the location of annual Jakarta Fair.

The area that was known as Kemayoran was formerly a land owned by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) commander, Isaac de l’Ostal de Saint-Martin (ca 1629–96). At the end of 17th century, Isaac owned a large area in Java,[citation needed] which includes the area that is now Kemayoran, part of Ancol, Krukut at Tegalangus, and Cinere. Isaac held the title major, which is where the name Kemayoran come from. The name Mayoran first appears in Java Government Gazette on February 24, 1816, described as “a land close to Weltevreden”. Later, the area was known as Kemayoran until now.

Many ingenious culture, especially the Betawi culture, flourished in Kemayoran. Among them is the kroncong music, a mixture of indigenous music and Portuguese fado music. Kroncong Tugu, a variation of kroncong that originally came from Tugu (about 12 km east of present Jakarta), is a variation that is closely associated with Kemayoran. Gambang music also developed in Kemayoran under the influence of China. The variation of gambang that developed in Kemayoran is often called Gambang Kemayoran and it is not referred to as Gambang Kromong because the kromong (a kind of percussion) is not used.

The subdistrict of Kemayoran is divided into eight Kelurahan (Administrative Villages):


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